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Mipham Rinpoche

Verses of Prayer to the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones

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An opening prayer, auspicious to recite when beginning any practice, activity, or journey. 4 pages.The colophon reads: "If this prayer is recited upon awakening all that is meaningful will be accomplished. If recited before sleep, excellent dreams will be observed. If recited prior to going to another country or place, there will be victory in all directions. If recited before beginning an activity, the desired purpose will increase. If recited regularly, one's life expectancy, reputation, and endowments will increase. Happiness and prosperity will be fully-endowed and one's purpose wish-fulfillingly accomplished. All negativities and obscurations will be cleansed resulting in higher rebirth and ultimate liberation. All these accomplishmentsa are the supreme words of the Conquerors. Thus, in the Year of the Fire Monkey, during the third month under the excellent alignment of the constellations, I, Jampal Gyeipai Dorje (Mipham Rinpoche), found this great wish-fulfilling crystal in the lake of my mind. May all be auspicious!"

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