Dear Vimala Customers,

Our two staff members are supporting a retreat at Tashi Choling from May 14 thru May 23, with retreat preparations beginning May 10th. All orders will be delayed from May 10th-23rd.

Digital orders will continue to be automatically processed by our Shopify site: There will be no delay on those orders.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We appreciate all of you!

Your dharma family at Vimala Treasures

When you purchase items from Vimala, you are sponsoring our ongoing projects to sustain and increase the presence of the dharma in this world. Rather than seeing ourselves as a retail business with customers, we see ourselves as keepers of the precious dharma in our archives, making them available to students and practitioners who in turn are contributing to the funds that sustain it. Every 'sale' is thus an auspicious interdependent connection between Vimala fulfilling Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche's intention to preserve this dharma, and the students who are both benefitting from and supporting this treasury of precious materials. Thank you for taking part in this auspicious connection—may it bring peace and benefit for all beings!

Here's What We Offer: