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Ven. Yangthang Tulku Rinpoche

Yangthang Rinpoche's Teachings at Rinchen Terdzod, ODD 2011

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During the course of the 2 1/2 month Rinchen Terdzod Empowerments in 2011, Ven. Yangthang Tulku Rinpoche occasionally offered remarks and instruction to the disciples. This collection of the eight teachings given during the empowerments includes talks on the Descent of Blessings, the Four Thoughts which Turn the Mind to Dharma, Empowerment Words of Honor (samaya), the Nine Vehicles, and even pith instructions on Great Perfection Atiyoga. ;Yangthang Rinpoche, one of the foremost Dzogchen masters of our time, reincarnation of treasure revealer Dorje Dechen Lingpa, and direct teacher of many American students, is certainly one of the best living teachers from whom we could receive any spiritual advice. ;Blessed by his presence and conferral of empowerments, we have also been blessed by his direct instructions, and it is our opportunity to listen again and again to his words. ; mp3 Audio CD5 hours and 30 minutes