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Sangye Khandro

Teaching on the Kunzang Nyima Vajrasattva Daily Practice (DIGITAL)

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This is a two-part teaching by Sangye Khandro on the Kunzang Nyingma Vajrasattva daily practice.  It features commentary on the practice with a particular focus on the terminology and view of the Great Perfection. The first session of the teaching also includes translation into Chinese by Benson Young. The teachings were given in April and August of 2022

Restricted:  By the teacher's request, these teachings should only be heard by students who attended one or both of the teaching sessions, which occurred as Zoom events offered by Orgyen Dorje Den on April 24th and August 20th, 2022 at 9:30-11:30 Pacific Time.

Please Note:  This is a digital product consisting of a .zip file containing 2 .mp4 files. This product is intended for personal download and listening on a personal digital device.  By purchasing, you agree not to make copies or distribute the digital files to others.