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Dzongter Kunzang Nyima

Kunzang Nyima Vajrasattva Retreat Practice Manual (ENGLISH EDITION) (DIGITAL)

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Updated 2024, 360 pages.  This is the extensive practice for Dzongter Kunzang Nyima's Vajrasattva cycle.  Dzongter Kunzang Nyima, the speech emanation of Dudjom Lingpa, revealed 60 volumes of treasures in Tibet and was a highly realized and respected treasure revealer of the 20th century. Now this rare lineage has been introduced in the West to bless the beings of this land.

The initial version of this text was created to support the first practice retreat in Austin, Texas in 2008. Due to time constraints at that time, only a partial translation was able to be completed.  This updated 2024 version of the text was produced by the current Vimala translation team. While they were able to complete the translation of the entire text, including the yigchung (small script) instructions and comments, once again, they were under time constraints to complete this text in time to support the first Dechö retreat in honor of our most precious root guru, Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche, who entered parinirvana in early 2023.  Thus, there was not time to carefully check the translation, transliteration, and Tibetan script with our teachers. 

Hence, we sincerely request your patience and understanding if you discover errors or omissions in this latest version! We welcome your feedback and suggestions. At some point in the future, we plan to release a final version. In the meantime, we sincerely hope the present version will serve to support you in performing the extensive, retreat-style version of the practice of this Kunzang Nyima Vajrasattva, which has a very special connection to Ven. Gyatrul Rinpoche.


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