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Vimalamitra, Nyak Jnanakumar

Inexpressible Absolute Confession (DIGITAL)

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11 pages. An extensive confession, the fourth chapter of "The Confession Tantra, The Stainless King." The colophon reads: "This extract is the fourth chapter of 'The Confession Tantra, The Stainless King.' Translated into Tibetan by Vimalamitra and Nyak Jnanakumara."This prayer is used at Tashi Choling, Orgyen Dorje Den and other centers where the Dudjom Tersar tradition is practiced.


Copyright: 2010

Please note:  This is a digital text, primarily intended for personal download and electronic viewing, however you are welcome to print as many copies as you need for your own use. We request that you not share the prayer, (digital or printed) with others.

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