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Gyatrul Rinpoche

Great Perfection Buddha in the Palm of the Hand

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This is a lightly edited transcript of a teaching given by Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche, translated by Sangye Khandro, on the Namchö preliminary practices based on the intermediate commentary by Kunzang Sherab.  Tulku Migyur Dorje, a famous Nirmanakaya being (intentional reincarnate master) who lived in Tibet in the 17th Century, revealed this cycle of teachings and practices.

Quotes from the text:

"To begin with, before receiving any dharma teachings, even before engaging in any dharma activity, it is important to consider your motivation. Perhaps your motivation is correct with regards to yourself, meaning that you sincerely want to benefit yourself by receiving teachings and going on to engage in the practices, but this in itself isn’t enough. You should be motivated by a desire to benefit others as much as yourself. This is what is meant by having a pure, proper motivation." (p.1)

"You should clearly understand your tremendous good fortune. You are experiencing the result of great merit to have met with this profound dharma that comes to us directly from Avalokiteshvara." (p. 39)

"All of you (and every sentient being without exception) possess the buddha nature, which is the principal cause for the achievement of enlightenment and realization.  However, due to temporary conditions... you lost awareness of that nature." (p. 260)

"By watching your actions, your words, and your thoughts, clearly understand that, whatever they are, they will produce...results similar to the cause, and this chain will continue endlessly." (p. 352)

Published April 2024

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