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Mipham Rinpoche

Liturgy of the Buddha, called Treasury of Blessings (DIGITAL)

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Liturgy of the Buddha, called A Treasury of Blessings. This is the text Tashi Choling uses during its pujas to celebrate the Four Festival Days of the year. This text is a liturgy written by Mipham Jamyang Gyatso Rinpoche (1846-1912) as a meditation on the Buddha Shakyamuni.; Mipham Rinpoche writes: "In the sutras, it is said that merely by hearing the name of our teacher (Buddha), gradually one will become unable to be diverted from the path of great enlightenment. In the sutra of Prajnaparamita in a Few Words, it is said that the mantra given [in this practice] is the source of all the Buddhas; the King of the Shakyas himself achieved enlightenment; and Avalokiteshvara became the excellent one among the Bodhisattvas because of this mantra. Just by hearing this mantra, one will accumulate vast merit and purify all karmic defilements. If one practices the mantra, obscurations and negative forces will not occur. Other canonical scriptures also have mentioned the immeasurable virtues of this mantra. For example, by reciting the mantra, one will purify all the unvirtuous karmas accumulated for 80,000,000,000 kalpas. It is said to be the sacred essence of the Thus-Gone Shakyamuni."

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