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Gyatrul Rinpoche, Yangthang Rinpoche

Commentaries on the Practice of Vajrakilaya

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110 pages. A compilation of teachings that includes an oral teaching by Gyatrul Rinpoche on the practice of Vajrakilaya: The Razor That Destroys at a Touch (Putri Reg Phung), given in Taiwan, 1987, and a commentary by Yangthang Rinpoche on the terma of Ratna Lingpa called "The Daily Practice of the Secret Attainment of the Unsurpassed Extremely Secret Vajrakilaya: the Essence of the Play of Concerned Activity" given in Talent, Oregon, 1990. Also included is The Four Kilas of Vajrakilaya, taught by Gyatrul Rinpoche in Boulder, Colorado, 1991. These commentaries are full of useful instruction on the generation stage.

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