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Minling Terchen

Daily Practice Taken From The Enlightened Mind Sadhana of Vajrasattva

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This is the concise, daily practice from the Minling Dorsem (Vajrasattva) sadhana. Regarding its benefits, from the root text: If one endowed with faith, diligence, prajna, and compassion, and one yearns for the authentic, supreme path, they should perform the enlightened mind sadhana of Vajrasattva.This condensed version was excerpted from the original text by Pema Garwang Tsal for the purpose, as he writes, of having "a useful and convenient practice for myself and others." With this, one can do a complete, authentic practice of this renowned and beloved tradition in just a short time.One of our dharma friends shared some notes regarding the MinlingDorsem tradition from a teaching he had with Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche.He relates the following:"Minling Terchen had an extra ordinary relationship with Vajrasattva.He had, in a previous life as Vairocana, received the empowerments andinstructions on Vajrasattva from Garab Dorje, Sri Singha, Guru Rinpoche, and Vimalamitra. (And possibly from one other master aswell) Taking it as his yidam deity, he practiced it and attained thehighest realization. Through the force of his extraordinary prayersand realization his later reincarnation as Minling Terchen was able toreveal the Vajrasattva cycle which came to be known as Minling Dorsem.This cycle is extraordinary in a many ways: The terton and hisextraordinary relationship with the deity, the force of his prayersand realization, its revelation was extremely smooth and withoutobstacle, the fact that the cycle is very complete it contains allthe key points of both the sutras and tantras, it has specificpreliminary practices, the sadhana and generation stage practice, thecomplete six dharmas for the completion stage with characteristics,and the (related) Dzogchen cycle, Ati Zabdon Nyingpo, for thecompletion stage without characteristics. The practice is alsorelatively short, easy to practice and extremely profound.

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