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Lama Chonam

Practice and Bodhicitta, Inspirational Teachings

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These fascinating teachings discuss many aspects of dharma practice, and will be enjoyed by beginners and seasoned students alike.Lama Chonam follows and comments upon two short texts, the first of which is "Advice on the Practice of Relative Bodhicitta" by Lopon Pawo, a renowned student of Nagarjuna. This text includes a beautiful description of the Four Immeasurable Qualities and an exciting explanation of the Seven Wealths of a Bodhisattva as symbolized by the Seven Possessions of a Chakravartin. The second is "A Dialogue on Practice" by Dodrub Tenpai Nyima, in which the author questions himself about how to do dharma practice, what constitutes practice, obstacles to practice, the true meaning of practicing in seclusion, and the importance of weariness with worldly things. Throughout the teachings, Lama Chonam offers his own insights and observations on such subjects as faith, supplicating the Lama, serving the Dharma center, and balancing work, study and meditation.