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Vimala Publishing

Dharma Treasure in the Mountain Valley, A History of Tashi Choling

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Dharma Treasure in the Mountain Valley is an exquisite, full-color, 178-page, coffee-table-worthy book. Over 300 color photos illustrate the amazing temple, stupas, splendid sacred art, and beautiful gardens that make Tashi Choling a place of spiritual refuge and peace. This inspiring book also includes photos of the many great Tibetan masters who have taught at Tashi Choling and shows the years of selfless hard work offered by hundreds of volunteers who have taken part in the centers development. Be inspired! Get your personal copy now!

Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche recently said: "Everybody should see it! Everybody should read it! That way we remember where we came from, how much everyone [has been] struggling, struggling. That way we don't waste it, just spoiled and with mouths open. Instead, everyone can appreciate!" Rinpoche's statement on the back cover reads: "What is this book for? It is so everyone can understand why we built a temple in this empty valley, why we built statues and gathered so many books to put inside it, and why we built a giant Vajrasattva statue in the empty space down below. Its not hard to understand everything is here to benefit sentient beings. So many people came from all over--even some of them not Buddhists--and just showed up and said, 'Can we work?' They paid for their own food and everything. They bought concrete and tools, rocks and different kinds of things. They brought their own to use and helped us find what we needed here and there. Nobody asked them, nobody forced them, nobody paid them. It just happened naturally. Everyone did it, all together, all working, whatever was needed. Even Sangye Khandro, shoveling concrete! Naomi Mattis was there, too, helping.  So many people, men and women, everyone together, nobody saying 'That's not my job! That's not my work!' Chagdud Rinpoche was there, digging under the ground at the beginning to measure from the start, bottom to top. The more you appreciate the work and blessings of Tashi Choling, the more you will take care of it nicely. You will want to stand up to support that, to protect that, to maintain that. Then in the future it will be able to benefit others, too, not just our own group, not just right now, but for hundreds or thousands of years. That is why the lamas came and why everybody worked so much and so harmoniously together. Seeing that, we will not want to bring shame on them or waste their blessings."

Vimala Publishing