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Specific Guidelines for Suitable Readers of Sublime Dharma, in Accord with the Intent and Wishes of Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche and B. Alan Wallace:

As is commonly the case regarding Vajrayana teachings, the texts included in this volume are restricted to “suitable readers.”

Specifically, those who earnestly aspire to achieve liberation and enlightenment are the sort of readers for whom this text was intended.  Such people will not be fixated on material success, but due to understanding the first Noble Truth of suffering, will have turned away from the allures of the cycle of existence.  

Suitable readers will honor the fundamental Buddhist teachings included in the Sravakayana, and they will revere the Mahayana as well, including the cultivation of the Four Immeasurables, the Six Perfections, and the insights presented in the Yogacara and Madhyamaka views.

In addition, they will value all the outer, inner, and secret classes of the tantras, and have a genuine desire to practice the breakthrough and direct crossing-over stages of the Great Perfection.

Finally, suitable readers will treat this volume with reverence and care.