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Chimed Sok Tig (Quintessence of Deathlessness) Long Life Practice

Ven. Gyatrul Rinpoche has encouraged his students to do the Chimed Sok Tig (Life Essence of Immortality) practice, in order to support our own longevity since long life gives us greater opportunity to practice dharma.  Almost simultaneously, advice was requested from the Dudjom Sangyum as to how to support Gyatrul Rinpoche's continued health and longevity; although his health is generally quite good these days, he is subject to the aches and pains of his 94-year-old body.  Her answer was, practice Chimed Sok Tig!  Thus, Tashi Choling encourages all students to recite and accumulate the mantra for this practice. 

Read more about this practice HERE.

Click HEREto download the Chimed Sok Tig daily practice (the text also includes a short commentary on the visualization and a diagram of the syllables.)

We offer a lovely new translation of the extensive practice of Chimed Sok Tig.  See "Chimed Sog Tig: The Vase Essence of Immortality, Extensive Practice" (item # XTCHISOKRET) in the Practice Texts section.


Prajnaparamita Practice at Tashi Choling

This recording was made in Spring 2016 during Long Life practices dedicated to Venerable Gyatral Rinpoche.

Download the following MP3 (24 MB):  Prajnaparamita Practice at TC


Concise Vajrakilaya Practices

H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche's Concise Daily Practice (6 pages):  Kilaya Daily Practice 

This practice was written by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, who often gave Vajrakilaya empowerments and recommended this as a particularly convenient practice. Chanting the practice only takes a few minutes, and the mantra can be accumulated for as long as one wishes. Note that two mantras are included on page 5. The first is the principal mantra: OM BENZAR KILI KILAYA SARWA BIGNEN BAM HUNG PHET. Repetition of the second (with the three syllables DZA HUNG AH added) is optional.

Excerpt from Guru Rinpoche's Seven Chapters (1 page): Kilaya One-Page Practice 

This extremely concise practice is just two verses and recitation of the mantra. It is from the renowned Prayer in Seven Chapters to Padmakara, a treasure revelation of the master Zangpo Drakpa in the 14th century.


Vajrasattva Practice Material

Extremely Concise Vajrasattva Practice by His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche: Concise Vajrasattva Practice

Information about the Neydren Ceremony for the Deceased performed on a yearly basis at the annual Vajrasattva Retreat at Tashi Choling: Neydren Ceremony for the Deceased

MP3 Audio Files of the Vajrasattva Mantra being chanted by Keith LaCoste and a PDF file of the Mantra written out in Tibetan and English with translation:

Vajrasattva Mantra Audio (Full Version)

Vajrasattva Mantra Audio (Short File for Quicker Download)

Vajrasattva Mantra Changed Quickly

Vajrasattva Mantra (Written)

Auxiliary Prayers

MP3 Audio Files of several prayers used during practices at Tashi Choling, chanted by Keith LaCoste:

Dusum Sangye (Prayer to Guru Rinpoche) - ver1
Dusum Sangye (Prayer to Guru Rinpoche) - ver2
Yingkyi Bendar (Tsog Verse)
Copper Colored Mountain Prayer


Tashi Choling Rules of Conduct

Tashi Choling Rules of Conduct