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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: "I'd like to purchase a product that indicates '(PR) - Prerequisite required'.

  1. Why are prerequisites required for some materials and what does that mean?
  2. What type of information do I provide in order to purchase one of these products?"
  1. Teachings and practices offered by Mirror Wisdom come from unbroken lineages that go back, in some cases, 1000 years into the history of Buddhist tradition. Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana (the Three Vehicles) maintain specific guidelines according to each tradition. It is common for the author of a text or practice to specify that certain prerequisites are required before a teacher is authorized to transmit it on to a student.   The same can apply to engaging in practices or studying a text. These prerequisites can be receiving a particular initiation from a qualified teacher, receiving a reading transmission from a qualified teacher and/or having completed certain practices on one's own.

    Following this tradition, Mirror of Wisdom strives to uphold and respect the statements of authorization made by teachers, authors, and composers. Prerequisites are typically required to ensure that both the teacher and the student have prepared scholastically and experientially for the level material being presented. Completing degrees of practice can also demonstrate to a teacher the level of sincerity and commitment that a student holds. As mentioned, teachers themselves must have qualifications as well.* Just as one is required to take pre-med classes in college before going on to medical school, a Buddhist practitioner will need to learn and accomplish preliminary stages before entering the subsequent stages of practice and study in order to accomplish the intended spiritual aim.

  2. Items requiring a prerequisite are indicated with (PR) at the end of the title and (PR) - Prerequisite required in the item's description. Prerequisites can be an empowerment and/or transmission, or permission from a lama. The Mirror of Wisdom policy regarding such items is as follows: Mirror of Wisdom is unable to determine your qualification for purchasing items requiring prerequisites. Mirror of Wisdom requests that you make this determination by consulting your teacher or lama to verify that you are qualified to purchase, read, or practice particular texts.

*To learn more about qualifications of teachers, please read "The Words of My Perfect Teacher" by Patrul Rinpoche.

Question: "I'd like to order one of Mirror of Wisdom's products, but I don't see it on your website. How can I find out if it's still available?"

Answer: Many of our products may be known by various Names/Titles; therefore you may not see the exact title you're looking for. First we suggest using the Search feature located in the left hand column of your page. You can search for the item by using a keyword or phrase.  If you still can't find what you're looking for, please Contact Us and provide as much detail as possible so we can further assist you.

Question: "I'd like to order a set of audio tapes, and I noticed that you state some audio tapes are in stock and others aren't. How will I be contacted to find out when my order will ship?"

Answer: We're a small organization run mainly by volunteers. Many of our audio tapes will be duplicated once an order is received. If, for instance, the order is for 80 tapes, the wait may be a bit longer than an order for 2 tapes. We certainly will do everything we can to fulfill all orders as soon as possible and appreciate your patience and understanding. We'll send you an email after your order is received to let you know the estimated timeframe.

Question: "I'd like to learn more about Gyatrul Rinpoche's various activities. Are there any other websites I can check out?"

Answer: You can view Rinpoche's latest annual newsletter here on this site. You can also visit the Tashi Choling website, www.tashicholing.org and the Orgyen Dorje Den website at www.orgyendorjeden.org.

Question: "I'd like to get some information about becoming a Mirror of Wisdom volunteer. Whom can I contact?"

Answer: We'd love to hear from you! You can start by contacting us, and give us some basic information; contact info and what type of volunteer activities interest you. Currently we are in need of expertise in the areas of:

  • digital preservation and archiving of audio teachings
  • document restoration and layout
  • audio (recording and editing)
  • transcription, copyriting and editing
  • text production (copying and binding)
  • pecha production
  • photography (photographing, printing and archiving)
If you have experience in any of these (or other areas) please let us know.

Question: "How can I make a donation to Mirror of Wisdom?"

Answer: We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization and we invite your support both in the form of volunteering expertise and time and/or financial donations as we have many projects needing the help of sponsorship. Financial contributions to keep Mirror of Wisdom alive comes from direct support from the Ven. Gyatrul Rinpoche, customer purchases, and from a number of sponsors who have initiated and supported special projects that are personally meaningful :  translation projects, printing projects, support for transcription services, funds to purchase digital audio equipment, support to upgrade archival preservation of rare, old media, equipment, offices and workshops. You may be in a situation where your services can be donated to a particular project. We depend on your support to fulfill our mission of preservation and dissemination of Dharma materials and invite you to join in the gathering of merit by upholding the tradition of expressing generosity.

You can make a financial contribution directly from this site or if you prefer, please contact us for more information.